Episode 38: Legal Fiction for the British Royal Exit (BRExit).

A Legal Fiction is like a Paper Road … some become roads, and some of those roads lead to a Bridge to Nowhere.
A Legal Fiction can also define a King who is yet to be Crowned. Currently, both Queen Elizabeth II and Joseph Gregory Hallett hold the status of Legal Fiction … one Star is falling, while the other star is rising. To cover for her Falling Star, Elizabeth and the European Union are doing their utmost to steal every aspect of the United Kingdom … QEII signed BRExit standing for ‘British Royal Exit’, during the Coronavirus which means ‘We Crown Him’, clapping for the NHS or ‘New Hallett Sovereign’. Are you getting the signs yet?

Episode 37: Gregory Hallett, King John the Third Interview

His Glory TV Pastor David interviews Joseph Gregory Hallett King John III on 24 August 2020 for a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the world in its unmaking.

Episode 36: Pastor Dave of His Glory in the USA talks to Joseph Gregory Hallett

Pastor Dave of His Glory in the USA talks to Joseph Gregory Hallett about being King John III of England, and of the United Kingdom, his Legal Documentation, code-breaking, the illegality of the Crown, and adventures in the Cold War, working on the fall of the Berlin Wall, and visiting “The House” in 1989 in Moscow, where the Russians were Deconstructed to think like the State. Joseph Gregory Hallett then developed a method of Reconstructing the Subconscious … made ‘Cronos, the Cornerstone rejected’ in Athens, Greece … finding out who he is.

Episode 33: Barabbas v. Christ, Part 2 of 4

May 2020

The Pope, Queen & Prince William continue to do soft Abdications to Joseph Gregory Hallett, and they continue to clap for the Coronavirus and NHS = ‘We Crown Him the New Hallett Sovereign’. Joseph Gregory Hallett’s

Great x 12 Grandmother Queen Anne Boleyn got the Bible together and passed on the Christ lineage to her grandson, so he defines Christianity to its very basics, is passed the most valuable Royal Mark in the British Empire, and tells the story of the CIA giving him the right to rule the world, speaking with the Recurrence of Patton at the Parthenon in Athens, then take him to Patmos for the Revelation.

The Mummy (2017) confirms Joseph Hallett has been Isis’ chosen since 1980, and is chosen by the Prieure de Sion to represent the End Times & New Age, confirming the title Christ, and is, therefore, the King of England.

Queen Elizabeth II goes into hiding at Windsor Castle. “The whole Royal Family realises they are not the Royal Family.” Prince William abdicates to Greg Hallett.

The Mashiach-Christ-Messiah is confirmed.

Introducing ‘Stan Barabbas’, ladies and gentlemen …

Episode 32: Barabbas v. Christ, Part 1 of 4.

AntiChrist versus AnteChrist, The Queen, Pope & Prince William do soft Abdications to Joseph Gregory Hallett, and Donald Trump confirms.

Coronavirus and the NHS = ‘We Crown Him the New Hallett Sovereign’. The NHS 8 p.m. Thursday Clapping states “DEPART M … EMERGE t-stand-in”.

The whole world is closed for Lent, then Pope Francis names the new Christ as “Joseph Gregory”. President Trump then gives Greg the Heads Up as the AR Royal Highness.

The Mashiach-Christ-Messiah is confirmed … so it’s Back to the Future. Introducing ‘Stan Barabbas’, ladies and gentlemen …

Episode 31: ‘The Reconstruction of the Subconscious of North America’

Episode 31, ‘The Reconstruction of the Subconscious of North America’, and the immediate soft-abdication of Queen Elizabeth II – for her longest, and now continual absence from public life, locked up in Windsor Castle – forever.

Just after the VE Day Celebrations, 8 May 2020, President Donald John Trump held a meeting just for Republicans, but invited the media for the first time. The media got to film frank discussions and evolving ideas. This has been edited down from 2 hours to 16 minutes removing everything after “the” to show the subconscious message, including “Transition to Greatness”.

Trump stated and codified : “Greg, North of Suffolk … That’s a great book. I’ll tell you, he did something else Greg, he did A R – Altesse Royale – HEADS UP – Royal Highness. That was so incisive. Did you see that? He did something that was so incredible. And I actually pinned it on top, right/Greg. We pinned it on top. You were fantastic.”

Episode 30: In8light.com does two 1 May 2020 spontaneous
Tarot Readings on Joseph Gregory Hallett’s journey to the Throne

In8light.com does Tarot readings on the incumbent Royal Family, gave it five weeks rest, then decided to do a reading on Joseph Gregory Hallett on 1 May 2020, followed by another reading the same day. Here’s both readings, joined, with the sound slightly boosted. She got what I knew, and thanks! Ahmm, we’ve never met nor spoken, and I don’t even know her name. I’ve also never spoken to Michel McCabe of Deception Bytes.

Video to be uploaded.

Episode 29:Rev. Danny Jones and Mishel McCumber, 19 & 27 April 2020 ‘Has the AntiChrist Arrived’, 30 April 2020
… Sensational Headlines …

Mishel McCumber of DeceptionBytes goes through the Certified Legal Documents: 31 March 2020, 22 pages: ‘Joseph Gregory Hallett Declares Mashiach Christ-Messiah King of England’.   She reads through quickly, skipping entire pages, and has not read the two prior Legal Documents, which substantiate, affirm and confirm everything certified.    26 January 2020, 88 pages – ‘Statement of Claim in support of Joseph Gregory Hallett declares the Mashiach–Christ–Messiah is the King of England’, with Addendum 1-12; and 5 March 2020, 34 pages – ‘Confirmation of Joseph Gregory Hallett declares the Mashiach–Christ–Messiah is the King of England’.   27 April 2020: DeceptionBytes, Mishel McCumber’s obfuscation of AntiChrist versus the AnteChrist is answered eight (8) days prior by the Reverend Danny Jones from the Northlake Baptist Church, between Athens and Athens, Gainesville Georgia, shown here.   Mishel McCumber wrote ‘The View Beneath: One Woman’s Deliverance from the Luciferian Gospel Paperback’, having just emerged from two Christian cults, so she is super-cautious and mothers her listeners with a sting in her tail.   We’ll see what she comes up with tonight, 30 April 2020.

Episode 28: THE BIG NIGHT IN & Prince William’s Fail, 23 April 2020

‘The Big Night In’ introduces No Heir Prince William as an Emperor with No Clothes, then claps for the NHS – New Hallett Sovereign – as a New Royal Line is about to be written. Frauds exposed. (29 April 2020, 12 min.)

Episode 27: The Popes Easter Friday Message in 3 minutes, 15 April 2020.

The Whole World has just been sent to Lent, and Pope Francis names Joseph Gregory Hallett, certifying his Legal Document Declarations.

Video to be uploaded.

Episode 26: Hellboy.Hallettboy – the Queen’s Message

Episode 23: (PART 4) Caroline Stephens interviews
Greg Hallett on the Privy Council Oath
20 September 2019

Episode 23: (PART 4) Caroline Stephens interviews Greg Hallett on the Privy Council and Privy Counsellor’s Oath, similar to the Mafia Omerta, where the Privy Counsellors are really British Empire mafia working as the East India Company, doing murders and trafficking Heroin.

The whole industry is Manufacturing Culture via the Queen, who has never been the Queen. We’re living in a non-reality. The Church of England is a Political Arrangement. The Israelites are the English. The Vatican loses control of the Knights of Malta. Jesus walks on water at St Michael’s Mount, and is head of the Lion of London, as Mayor, then King.

20 September 2019

Episode 22: (PART 3) Caroline Stephens interviews Greg Hallett
on the faults in Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal Style and Titles and their repercussions
19 September 2019

Episode 21: The Constitution, the Queen, the House of Lords & Roman Holiday
PART-2 Caroline Stephens chats with- Greg Hallett
18 September 2019

Elizabeth II does not have the Caduceus to trade as the Monarch – we do.

Coronation Day was not the Coronation of Elizabeth II, but the Coronation of ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’, which was born in the same 1953 year. 

We opened the Royal Dossier in February 1996. 

Word got out to the Lords that Elizabeth was not the Queen.

The Lords protested the Westminster Houses of Parliament to change their oath to: ‘An oath to the People’.

QEII and Prime Minister Tony Blair had 266 Lords stripped of their speaking rights in the Houses of Parliament, then their visitation rights, and were then struck off as though they were dead … as though their titles were now relinquished, and never existed.

Witnesses confirmed that, and that they never spoke about it, and never returned to the House. 

These were the steps Elizabeth II ‘Queen’ took to prevent the public knowing that she was not the Queen and never has been the Queen – nor have the last three or four Generations of her Ancestors … with 23 illegitimacies down the main trunk line – of which she is an illegitimate – as confirmed by the Coronation year 1953 film ‘Roman Holiday’, which shows and names “Joseph Gregory” as the true King of England, and the future Mayfair Lady Audrey Hepburn as “An”, meaning ‘Commoner’.

Prime Minister John Major confirmed this 44 years later in 1997, with: “The Queen is now just a Commoner”.

Episode 20: PART-1 Caroline Stephens chats with- Greg Hallett
17 September 2019

Episode 18 President Trump & Queen Elizabeth II acknowledge Joseph Gregory Hallett as having represented the End Times and New Age on 16 August 2014, each doing a flyover on the same day (3 June 2019), 4 hours apart, both planes dropping to 1150ft and half-speed overhead. Joseph Gregory Hallett requested confirmation of representing the End Times-New Age and this is how they did it, 1752 days later. This refers to 14 September 1752, when the Gregorian Calendar began on Joseph Gregory Hallett’s birthday. So, codified confirmation.

Episode 19: Royal Family, Rothschild’s Empire, Epstein … three days after Boris Johnson became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Jim Fetzer Interviews Joseph Gregory Hallett
27 July 2019

The Israeli Spa Program uses the Flat Lie Royal family of illegitimate usurpers in the UK to cover for Jeffrey Epstein and The Clinton Gold Heist. The “Spa” program is like a Sauna & Massage … continuing all the way down to Pedophilia & Pedovore. 

We’ve been living in a Non-Reality. We’re about to realize what we’ve been missing – what life should be like.

The Mafia have had offices in the White House since 1981 … Terror-forming Earth from the White House.

The Destabilization of the World can only happen when the person at the top is a fraud – and that’s Queen Elizabeth II.

We’ve been living in a Non-Reality since Coronation Day 1953 which was actually the Coronation of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars and not Elizabeth.

According to the Style Manuals, THE LONDON GAZETTE and even The London Gazette are a different font and style from Published by Authority. So they are to be read on different pages as different languages. Therefore The London Gazette is not Published by Authority and this is their confession that Elizabeth is not a Princess and never a Queen.

According to the Style Manuals, THE LONDON GAZETTE entry of Elizabeth as Queen, legally translates as: Elizabeth is a moot point hearsay suffix delinquent Queen of No Lands and No People … where Patent Ambiguity falls against the Crown.

The Reality Check: The Rothschilds have bred the British Royal family since 1815. Elizabeth II is 3/16th Rothschild and is Not the daughter of King George VI (R. 1936–52) nor of King George V (R. 1910–36).

The Flat Lie British Royal family are a Mafia family – the biggest Heroin Traffickers in the World.

We own the Caduceus to Trade as the Monarch of the United Kingdom. “We” = authors of ‘The Hidden King of England’.

The Magna Carta is Fake. There are four Certified Copies of an original that was NEVER signed, sealed, or stamped … and Never existed. Not one copy was ever stapled to a Church or Court as a Notice. The only person who can certify the Magna Carta is the next King John [III] i.e. Joseph Gregory Hallett.

STATUS: The Fulfillment of Predictions … No Stone left unturned.

The elevated are Heroin Traffickers, Drug Traffickers, Pedophiles and Arms Dealers … and these Royalty are not actually Royalty either. Terrorism comes from Buckingham Palace Whitehall Palace and Westminster Palace.

After the Battle of Waterloo Rothschild owned the Breeding Rights to the British Royal Family. Then in Bank in London in early May 2012, the Rothschild Central Bank employed a photographer to capture Joseph Gregory Hallett’s image for the Bank of England brochure – perhaps because he’d uncovered the Homing Pigeon links … and his name was on the UK coins, in the tens of billions.

The Fulfillment of Predictions have fruit.

Joseph Gregory Hallett represented the End Times–New Age and asked for confirmation … getting a fly over from the President of the United States and Queen Elizabeth II.

Joseph Gregory Hallett put out the challenge for the Title giving 45 days notice. Rather than a challenge, there was confirmation. The person who represents the End Times–New Age has the title Christ and is automatically the King of England.

Rev 12:5 The Queen of Babylon gives birth to a man-child. Queen Elizabeth II gave birth to Prince Charles. QEII has given up on her three sons: Prince Chuck, Douche of Cornwall … Prince Andrew – The Illegitimate / young girls … Prince Edward – The Illegitimate / young boys.

In the New Zealand False Flag Christchurch Mosque Massacre on 15 March 2019 the ‘Shooter’ used Replica Air Guns with “141” drawn all over them. 141 days later there was another False Flag Massacre at the Walmart in El Paso on 3 August 2019. Both used the Manifesto written by Jacinda Ardern, Hillary Clinton and the NZSIS.

The International Pikeys – they disturb … Crisis Actors as Cyber Terrorists.

The Clinton Gold Heist, Follow the Money, Gold, Codes, Signs & Predictions. Deep State & Mafia in the White House will self-Execute. We’re living in a Non-Reality. We’ve had a change of command from Tony Blair to Gordon Brown to David Cameron to Theresa May to Boris Johnson … where each Prime Minister selects the next to be worse than themselves.

We’re on the Prophecy Highway … De-financing the Catholic Church … There will be Signs in the End Times, Times of the End, and End of Days, each attributing a Prophecy.

A False Flag raises USD100 million and the Truth raises suspicion ~ No Good Deed goes unpunished.

Episode 18: President Trump & Queen Elizabeth II Acknowledge the Representation of the End Times and New Age by Joseph Gregory Hallett
Ep 18,  3 June 2019 (75th Anniversary of D-Day)

President Trump & Queen Elizabeth II acknowledge Joseph Gregory Hallett as having represented the End Times and New Age on 16 August 2014, each doing a flyover on the same day (3 June 2019), 4 hours apart, both planes dropping to 1150ft and half-speed overhead. Joseph Gregory Hallett requested confirmation of representing the End Times-New Age and this is how they did it, 1752 days later. This refers to 14 September 1752, when the Gregorian Calendar began on Joseph Gregory Hallett’s birthday. So, codified confirmation.

Episode 17: Melania Signals Danger; Marines Are Abel; Justin Castro Follows T-May and Macaroni Man
30 May 2019

Video to be uploaded.

Episode 16: Ding Dong The Queen is Fingered By Kristine Marcy, Esq
27 May 2019

YouTube has continually taken down this video. So it is being hosted alternatively.

“We’re living in a Non-Reality”. Field McConnell & Greg Hallett discuss the self-exposure of the Cabal exercising their own downfall with Fake Plane Crashes, Fake Mosque Massacres, Theresa May resigns on queue and the illegitimate Royal Family … completely ripping the mask of deceit.

Greg Hallett reveals the true side of kingship and fulfils the kingship requirements. The original was deleted by U-NO-WHO, so it’s remastered an hour shorter with Merlin – the master’s bird.

Click on image to watch video

Episode 15: London Bridge is Falling Down, Abel Danger Locates Hidden King of England
24 May 2019

YouTube has continually taken down this video. So it is being hosted alternatively.

Field McConnell, currently residing in prison for 90 days, interviewed Greg Hallett on 24 May 2019.

This video was removed off Greg Hallett’s YouTube channel, then all of Field McConnell’s site was closed down, then Field was imprisoned on 5 November 2019.

Since then around 100 images and video clips have been added to illustrate the Declarations made, claimed … and now affirmed by their actions … which is cognitive avoidance.

This is Republished on 02.02.2020.

Episode 14: The Matrix Minds, The Source Cave – The Source Code, 16 May 2019

The Matrix Minds (16 May 2019), Greg Hallett guest on with Host, Matthew Turner, with co-Hosts Steven Vasko and Shar AngelAstro.

Video to be uploaded.

Episode 13: Yellow Vest TV, 5 May 2019

Talking today to Joseph Greg Hallett about some big things going on in the UK.
With Shar Angelastro.

Video to be uploaded.

Episode 12: The Real Deal
Hallett / Fetzer, 16 April 2019

The Real Deal (16 April 2019), Greg Hallett on the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire and Merlin, suggesting that it has symbolic meaning for the Throne of England as a Fire of Renewal, which initially sounds rather odd until you add up the totality of signs that appear to hold significance. I have been unable to find any flaws in his argument. (Dr Jim Fetzer PhD in Logic).

Episode 11: Counter-Intelligence and Controlled Opposition 
Hallett / Fetzer, April 2019

Counter-Intelligence and Controlled Opposition, Episode 11: Outing Max Igan, Ken O’Keefe, Vinny Eastwood, Prof. George Lees, John Paterson a.k.a. Peter Green, Peter Johnson, Johnson Farqwar, and Mark Windows a.k.a. Mark Windsor, Mark Creighthorne, Mark Alexander Scott.

Video to be uploaded.

Episode 10: Crimechurch Feminist Fraudsters
Hallett / Fetzer, 3 April 2019

Crimechurch Feminist Fraudsters – introducing the New Nigerian Muslim Massacre Scam & Hag of the Moon Manifesto, 3 April 2019, Hallett-Fetzer.

99.9998% of Muslim Massacres are faked and in Christchurch are given Government Protection to fake 50 deaths and 50 gunshot injuries, with 70 Interpol DVIO Agents flying in dead muslim bodies from overseas on the Coffee Run, then sharing in the $20 million Fundraiser, while giving muslims greater rights and Govt. protection to be pedophiles under the guise of religion.

NZ Police remove Air Guns and Replica Guns, as this is what was used in the ‘massacre’.

NZPM Jacinda Ardern paid Hillary Clinton $5.5 million on 17 May 2018 to run the Christchurch Muslim Massacre Fraud. Clinton wrote the Shooter’s Manifesto and even mentions the Electoral College and the Democratic Party … and their plan, ‘The Great Replacement’, to remove everyone from New Zealand and replace them with Muslims, Chinese, Lesbians, Gays and Pedophiles, with only stupid deconstructed New Zealander’s left … so when the Genocide happens, no one is particularly bothered. China then gets to open cast mine New Zealand and the United States debt is paid.

The Linwood mosque has many dead getting up and walking – so it’s a homemade Zombie movie via cell phone, but with No Guns and No Gunshots. The unnamed Black Muslim Voodoo Doctor Con Man applies Stage Blood to himself and others, teaches his son to do the same, then sings mind-control mumblings (m. prayers) in front of 20,000 defrauded Christchurch Suckers. The purported Gunman had two vehicles – both belonged to the NZ Security Intelligence Service, so it was an Inside Job.

It’s all a big con for which the Government is paying $1million+ per surrendered Gun. This is the end of truth in New Zealand.

Greg Hallett warned of this in 2007 in ‘New Zealand – A Blackmailer’s Guide’ … and in ‘The Sex Collectors’, 2009–10. These have now been Book-Banned.

Click on image to watch video

Episode 9: Crimechurch Charity Fraud
Hallett ft Fetzer, 2 April 2019

YouTube has continually taken down this video. So it is being hosted alternatively.

‘Crimechurch Charity Fraud’ (Hallett–Fetzer 2 April 2019) exposes the new Nigerian Scam – Bad Muslim Crisis Actors Faking Massacres using Dummy Guns, Dummy Bodies, Dummy Blood, and filmed practice runs. Here a Jordanian Agent Hairdresser, not in the Mosque, goes straight to Hospital where he is Photographed in his Controller’s Glasses to cover the lack of redness around his eyes. Despite two gunshot wounds to the stomach and hip (10 days in Hospital) he was released two days later, and $46,000 richer, plus his share of the $20 million Muslim Massacre Charity Fraud.

Mainstream TV Interviews ‘Carl Pomare Witness’ and finishes with “Thanks for the joke”. The Deputy Police Commissioner uses Bible reference 4:40–50 to alert those in the know that ‘the sirens and women are wailing, but their sons are alive’, and even gives the time 1–2 p.m., then states where Christ is from and where he is now.
It’s code, and All Codes should be revealed.

Click on image to watch video

Episode 8: Schoosting Christchurch, Hallett-Fetzer
Hallett ft Fetzer, 20 March 2019

YouTube has continually taken down this video. So it is being hosted alternatively.

Schoosting Christchurch
Greg Hallett and Jim Fetzer frame by frame the Christchurch False Flag mosque massacre as a shock-testing terror event entirely arranged by the Socialist Prime Minister Jacinda Adern who gave NZ$5 million to Hillary Clinton to arrange the event – done badly. The NZPM already had the Gun Control papers drawn up. Jacinda Adern emerged as a transvestite and Rome had John Podesta predict it as the Second Coming – in Christ-Church. Christ gets the devil to name him – it’s all so Roman Ides of March …

Click on image to watch video

Episode 7: Mashiach v Messiah, The Son of Man, Hallett ft Fetzer, Ep 7, 9 March 2019
Joseph Gregory Hallett interviewed by Dr Jim Fetzer on 9 March 2019: From the point of view of a lawyer reading the case, the predictions of the Jewish Mashiach, Christian Messiah, and Greek Christ are defined and decodified, then fulfilled in specific times, places and events of co-incidence fulfilling all the Jewish and Christian Typology Theology – happens in a future time in another place … has this come at just the right time?

Episode 6: Pateo Television No 49, Johan Oldenkamp featuring Greg Hallett, 22 January 2019
In this 49th episode of Pateo TV, recorded on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019, talk show host Johan Oldenkamp interviewed Greg Hallett (1961), the author of, among others, “Hitler Was a British Agent”, and “The Hidden King of England” (5 volumes). Greg and Johan mostly discussed the Biblical End Times Prophecies.

Episode 5: Gregory Hallett interviewed by Ken Cousens of Gemstone University (Part 5)

Episode 4: Gregory Hallett interviewed by Ken Cousens of Gemstone University (Part 4)

Episode 3: Gregory Hallett interviewed by Ken Cousens of Gemstone University (Part 3)

Episode 2: Gregory Hallett interviewed by Ken Cousens of Gemstone University (Part 2)

Episode 1: Gregory Hallett interviewed by Ken Cousens of Gemstone University (Part 1)

The Mummy

Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Rothschild,
and British Royal Family Connections