NEW ZEALAND: A Blackmailer’s Guide

NEW ZEALAND: A Blackmailer’s Guide

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New Zealand – A Blackmailer’s Guide exposes the weirdness that is New Zealand. No other Intelligence agency understands how New Zealand works – because it doesn’t. New Zealand is run the exact opposite of how a country should be run. That is, New Zealand is being run into collapse – and collapse it has – many times. All are promoted in New Zealand for their sexual indiscretions, and the cover up of these. New Zealand is a Paedophile movement fronting as a country that acts as an intermediary for Heroin Trafficking, cleaning up the packaging as ‘From Clean and Green New Zealand.’ The Chief Justice is again exposed as a contract killer.

This book was banned by the Head of the Mr Asia Heroin Trafficking syndicate, although all the evidence was suppressed and the author was not notified of the hearing, and the accused “PA” President of the Law Society, admitted to the ‘defamation’. So what does “QC” stand for?

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