Book 09 Magna Carta Frauds of the 1700s


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Dr. Richard Bentley was a crypto-Catholic Jesuit Antiquarian habilitator who fronted as an Anglican theologian and English classical scholar, becoming Master of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Closely aligned with the Royal Society, Dr. Richard Bentley bribed Mr Thynne with £2,210 (£6.6m in 2023) becoming the Keeper of His Majesty’s Libraries which gave Bentley influence to the inside ‘of all things Westminster’.
Bentley lived in Ashburnham House under Westminster Abbey where he developed ‘Philology’ as a Jesuit science to establish Roman Catholic pious frauds as real, and capable of replacing English History.
John Lawton & George Holmes, Dr. Bentley & Mr Thynne accepted at least 10 bribes amounting to £10 million in 2023 to set fire to the Old Royal Library and Cotton Library that held the Charter of Liberties & Magna Carta.
Engraver John Pine’s 1731–33 “King John’s Magna Charta of the Liberties of England” or “† GREAT CHARTER” was a fraud done in preparation of the Old Royal Library and Cotton Library fire on 23 October 1731 … at the same time.
The Charter of Liberties and Magna Carta were fire damaged and left unreadable, as part of their habilitation into British Society, and were only on permanent display from 1857.

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