Book 08 Magna Carta Frauds of the 1600s

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The Magna Carta & Charter of Liberties were created in Bern, Switzerland in 1234 and backdated by Pope Gregory IX to 1215 as ‘founding Instruments’ to coadjutor England under Papal Sovereignty to become a new Jesuit Brittaine.
There are no originals of the Magna Carta.
The Pope funded Jesuits & crypto-Catholics into positions as the new rulers of England → Brittaine, and the King of Arms sold all aspects of English aristocracy to the highest bidder. The Earl of Arundel & Sir Robert Cotton imported the Magna Carta into Brittaine, and pretended to dig it up under Parliament, but were noted by Francis Bacon’s father-in-law Lusty Pakington.
Another Magna Carta was delivered by known document fraudster Sir Edward Dering, to Sir Robert Cotton, who had been imprisoned for document fraud, and was in prison again when the Magna Carta was delivered to him.
The Magna Carta was one of 1,971 falsified charters, decrees, laws and histories faked by the Papacy, and inserted into Westminster Abbey, old Westminster Palace, Plea Rolls of the Exchequer, archival catalogues & 21 English archae chests.
The Magna Carta grifters were illegitimate Royalty who took the Catholic side and wanted to play a part in revenge history. This was their Irregular Warfare …

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