Book 07 Magna Carta Frauds King John didn’t know about

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King John did not make a dash across ‘The Wash’ but took nine (9) days to travel around, and was poisoned approaching Newark Castle. Resting inside, he was executed in the most horrific fashion, then his six Crowns and Regalia were stolen and taken to Rome. To cover for this murder-theft, Catholic Chroniclers destroyed King John’s reputation, but King John never saw the Magna Carta in his lifetime.
The Magna Carta is claimed to have been signed at Runnymede, but this was 21 by 5 miles of boggy lake, 1m deep, continually fed by the most powerful spring in southern England – Hythe End and also flooded by River Thames spring tide storm surges.
Even in summer Runnymede was a boggy lake. For it to be a signing site, it would have resulted in Barons being stuck in the mud, and a field of dead horses.
This was all covered up with Locks built in 1810, 1815 & 1890, a lack of photographs from 1845, the Hythe End pump station built in 1910, and 5 or 6 Reservoirs built 20 metres above the ground from 1902 to 1976.
It was only in 1976 that Runnymede became dry, and it was from this time that the Magna Carta was popularised into the modern historical fiction that is British Law, rendering the Magna Carta one of the biggest High Treason frauds of history.

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