Book 06 King James “the Shit” by the Dozen ~ The Golden Clown

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Mary, Queen of Scots baby died soon after birth and was replaced with the wet-nurse’s child, who was then replaced by Regent Mar with his own son John Erskine, who was crowned King of Scots, then replaced multiple times in a Royal Breeding Race, under the guise of castle sieges, wars, change of Regent, and the kidnapping of six King James VI, who were all “natural born” sons of Royal Blood.
Their Jesuit Servant murdered them all in Slains Castle, then turned up in St Andrews Castle ~ a mute ~ who did not look anything like James VI, yet was pronounced King James VI without ever having been crowned King of Scots, or King of Scotland, then wrote a poem admitting to his multiple murders.
There were so many King James VI, artists gave up trying to paint them to look alike, and instead painted girls, and called them “King James VI”.
From 1566, the Stuart lineage was fake. Mary, Queen of Scots then faked her own execution in 1587, with the aid of 6-foot wide dresses actually called ‘The Executioner’.
Jesuit fraudsters continued to promote James VI #12 as the King of England, ahead of 6 legitimate contenders already in London. Queen Elizabeth never granted the crown to the faux King James VI #12, who jailed the true King of England – Sir Walter Raleigh, who then passed it all to The Principal …

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