Book 05 Alligator versus Crocodile ~ How they Colonized North America

This is a downloadable book in pdf format, not a physical book.

Lost Colony & First Colony English settlements were declared bombing ranges, shooting ranges, then Wildlife Management Areas, and covered with deadly reptiles.
Prior to 1972 there were a lot of fake stories, myths, legends and falsified photographs about crocodilians. Many of the old timers were prolific liars ~ for sport.
The new sport of lying re-emerged within Crocodilian scientists who would say & write absolutely anything for money & job. There was no depth to which Crocodilian scientists would not stoop, and in the process destroyed every aspect of identifying a crocodile or alligator, and rendering it illegal to do so.
Commerical farming used Crocodilian biologists to import multiple varieties of unspecified unidentified crocodilians, under the guise of “science” and “protection”, then secretly crossbred these with the American alligator & American crocodile, then backdated the experiments as a success!
Science was being ‘created’ for the perfect handbag.
So for the first time, the politics behind the science behind the Jesuit United States of America government cover-up of the “Lost Colony” & “First Colony” versus Sir Walter Raleigh’s rightful & justified on-going claim to North America.

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