Book 04 Queen Elizabeth gives Walter Raleigh America Forever ~ The “Lost Colony” was a Super Capable Military Force

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In 1584, Queen Elizabeth presented Walter Raleigh with the Letters Patents Royal Charter for North America, valid for 6–8 years, depending upon a successful colony settlement. In 1586, Raleigh secretly organised 34 ships to drop off 3,400 armed, tooled and financed military men, planters & former slaves at Roanoke Island – a second-rate Indian shell bank that acted as passports to everywhere in America. These 3,400 men assisted Raleigh’s official 1587 settlers, who were deemed lost by 1590, but North America was successfully colonised in great secrecy.
The Pope was jealous and did everything he could to sabotage Sir Walter Raleigh, including jailing Raleigh, stripping him of all style & titles, removing all his lands, taking over England as Jesuit Brittaine under King James VI/I “the Shit”, switching place names in North America, using First Colony Settlements for bombing practice, inventing the charged phrase “Lost Colony” in 1837, rewriting its history, blaming tobacco on Raleigh but removing the potato from his long list of credits, and referring to him only as “Sir W.R.” … whereas Raleigh was the Deputy Monarch of North America, and came to own North America from 1591, to be passed to the good man with the necessary Seed Pedigree to fulfil the Prophecy holding the Royal Mark of Prince Regent Duke Governor, meaning the King to be … to emerge at the time most necessary …

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