Book 03 Queen Anne Boleyn’s Two Grandsons ~ Sir Walter Raleigh versus Francis Bacon

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Six days before his wrongful Coronation, James VI “the Shit” jailed Sir Walter Raleigh in the Tower of London for 13 years, then stole his most valuable property while he was in prison.
Raleigh now had time on his hands to edit 38 plays previously written by anonymous & wrote Shakespeare. Francis Bacon was too busy in government and writing 324 other works.
When Raleigh ‘died’ in 1618, Bacon seconded Raleigh’s plays & copied them word for word, but with small-minded spelling mistakes to add clarity, but actually reducing meaning.
King James “the Shit” forced Francis Bacon into marriage with a 13-year-old girl, and thereafter ‘owned’ Francis who turned against his own relatives, and played an authoritative role in convicting his brother Robert Devereux in 1601, and first cousin Walter Raleigh. Bacon then tired of the Jesuit takeover of England as ‘Brittaine’, and also faked his own death.
Jesuits used 100 tactics to rewrite Raleigh in a bad light. Every good point was counter-punched with a bad accusation omitting all the hard work Raleigh had done meeting everyone for peace in the cold wet winter of Ireland.
All the world’s a stage & that stage belongs to the bold, brave & beautiful who are adventurous, and will do what no one else considered … to achieve their great ends.

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