Book 02 Queen Anne Boleyn’s grandson Sir Walter Raleigh ~ Shakespeare ~ Marquess of Pembroke ~ Prince King of England

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In order to prove himself, Walter Raleigh was sent to Ireland as an excuse to give him vast amounts of land, acknowledging him as Queen Anne Boleyn’s grandson, inheriting the title Marquess of Pembroke, and Prince King of England. The battle was a ruse, but Raleigh was elevated & given Durham Palace on the Thames, and ships to discover North America as vice-admiral commander.
In 1584, Queen Elizabeth gave Walter Raleigh North America.
Walter Raleigh was part of the Cádiz Raid & came into possession of the Book of Prophecies – the forerunner to Revelation. Raleigh recognised it was about himself and his descendant, so he followed the instructions, sailed to Cave-o-where-o & drew The Principal in his Rosicrucian Cosmography, Shakespeare & The Bible.
Many Playwrights, including anonymous, wrote Shakespeare. When they died, Raleigh purchased their estates, expanded the plays as Shakespeare and included Jesus’ Book of Prophecies about The Principal in ‘The Tragedy of King Richard the third’ – the lightning strike, burning car, and ‘Hamlet’ for “Hallet”.
Queen Elizabeth had herself painted pregnant, with Raleigh as the Unicorn & Royal Stag behind the golden veil. When Rosicrucians analysed this, they gave The Principal’s birthday as Freemasonry’s highest order to acknowledge ‘Hallett for Hamlet’ and ‘Raleigh for Shakespeare’ as the true King of England lineage.

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