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From 1539 the Jesuits inverted Jesus’ teachings and called themselves the ‘Society of Jesus’. Jesuits became a secret Zombie Land Grab Military Order & Protection Racket for total land ownership of the world, and control of all Sovereignty, via ‘No Values’.
Jesuits emigrated into dozens of countries with their instruction manual – ‘The Secret Instructions of the Jesuits’.
Jesuits demanded blind obedience from members, targeted Widows, sent inheriting sons to far-off Jesuit Universities, then stole all the Widow’s property and discarded them as ‘Old Mother Hubbard … Who Lived in a Shoe’.
Jesuits took over the Papacy to take over the World, then stole the Throne and Crown of Scotland by ensuring King James VI of Scotland ~ James I of Brittaine was an illegitimate Jesuit Servant who was never crowned. All the Stuart Monarchs were illegitimate from 1567, and Jesuit from 1583–1688.
Jesuits habilitated false Charters, Cartularies, History, Laws & Pancartes into British Libraries and The National Archives to become the centre of Blacklisting against true English Royalty.
Jesuits then coadjutored the Police to create Catch & Release criminals who bear false witness against colleagues, friends and relatives … especially those fulfilling the Prophecy.

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