Book 12 Bayeux Tapestry ~ Patterns of The Big Lie

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False Decretals, Capitularies, civil, ecclesiastical & canon law
were based on false documents of false history, extracts of forgeries & backdated Instruments by phantom authors, with no reference, birthdate, birthplace or history, who existed out of time & location, yet produced hagiographies of pious heros, villains & saints. Such fantasies became standard practice.
The Papacy supported this by issuing 1,971 false documents, backdated decrees & charters in 1234, granting itself the right to re-write any history or doctrine from 1591, then pronounced all Catholic lies were legal. 1870 Papal claims of “moral and infalliable”, “preserved free from error” with “the supreme power of teaching and free communication” came right in the middle of the English→British history Rolls Series being edited & published, 1858–1911. This is an ominous Jesuit ‘tell’.
Authentication of any Tapestry, Charter, Instrument or Pious Fraud was not the object itself, nor the contents, but where it was found. The Bayeux Tapestry was part of the Norman Conquest of England, which was really an invasion by the Catholic Church to take the Throne & Crown of England, and render England Catholic, put the Pope on the Throne and call it Brittaine then Great Britain. The Catholic Church was quite open to mass poisoning to get their way …

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