Book 11 Bayeux Tapestry ~ The Big Lie ~ Not 1066 but 1719–27

This is a downloadable book in pdf format, not a physical book.

The Bayeux Tapestry was not made in 1066, 1070–77, 1092 or 1141–48, but was created in the 1700s, beginning in 1719 when the 87-year-old Dom Bernard de Montfaucon became Confessor to 9-year-old King Louis XV (R. 1715–10 May 1774)
… supported by the deaths of Dom Jean Mabillon in 1707, Daniel Papebroch in 1714, Baron John Somers in 1716, Nicolas-Joseph Foucault in 1721, and Thomas Madox in 1727.
This gave perfect timing for the creation of the Bayeux Tapestry by using their names and placing drawings amongst their possessions, after their deaths. When Foucault died in 1721, drawings were found amongst his possessions in 1724, indicating the Bayeux Tapestry began in 1719, and completed soon after Thomas Madox’s death on 13 January 1727.
The “Bayeux Tapestry” was first made available to the British at the end of WWI & WWII as a hope miracle. But after 80 years of ‘investigation’ that was all ‘cover-up’, its name gradually changed to the “Bayeux Embroidery’ between 1925 and 2005.
The “Bayeux Tapestry” was a pious fraud & Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars Tactical Exercise Without Troops – SW4QW TEWT. It allowed French Catholic Jesuits to take over Scotland and England and backdate their claims to 1066 while the coadjutored English King of Arms supplied these invaders with Colours, Standards & Arms.

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