Book 10 Magna Carta Frauds ~ King John’s Concession to the Pope, Charter of Liberties and Magna Carta Explained and Disclaimed

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The Common Law of the land is taken to be that ‘a living man on the living land in a living community’ is to be treated and charged without foreign ideology, habilitating influence or war, by whomever are his equals, and he or she shall not be seized, stripped of rights or possessions, imprisoned, outlawed, limited in travel, deprived of standing, exiled, nor attacked, except by the lawful judgment of equals using the law of the land, which excludes Maritime Law, and thereby excludes the Charter of Liberties & Magna Carta as this was ‘purportedly’ signed at Runnymede, which was continually flooded by the most powerful spring in southern England – Hythe End, issuing water that covered ½ mile by ½ mile by 6 foot deep every day.
So both Runnymede & the Charter of Liberties were underwater and secretly Maritime Law, purporting to be land law and the law of the land, but it was always boggy ground, double language, cognitive dissonance, patent ambiguity, malfeasance, misfeasance & nonfeasance, breaching the 10 major Estoppels.
The Charter of Liberties and Magna Carta were always an intentional empty promise, a projected empty belief, and a false claim for belief in non-facts, producing harm that cannot be denied at source. This was intentionally done against the King of England and his subjects, by the Church of Rome …

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