Book 01 Queen Anne Boleyn’s Great Escape and Legacy

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Anne Boleyn returned from the Royal Courts in Europe to England in 1522 as the representative of the Holy Grael lineage. Her goal was to reclaim all the lands the Catholic Church held in England, and to print a complete Christian Bible in English.
Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn twice & made her Marquesse of Pembroke. Anne then had her own 4-day Coronation ceremony becoming ‘Queen Anne Boleyn of England’ in her own right.
Henry VIII then divorced Anne ‘Bulleyn’ and the misnamed ‘Marquis of Penbroke’, so the marriage and titles Queen of England & Marquesse of Pembroke remained intact, to be passed down any illegitimate male line to the man fulfilling the prophecy.
Countess Salisbury organised Queen Anne Boleyn’s escape from her Tower of London execution using the Hereditary Grand Almoner, 1st Marquess of Exeter ~ ‘Exit-Her’.
The Keeper of the Privy Purse was executed 2 days earlier, so the Almoners could fund the execution however they wanted. They timed it for sun-strike & the entire crowd looking directly east into the sun, with Anne Boleyn in total silhouette.
Anne Boleyn, Marquesse of Pembroke, Queen of England then escaped up the Thames “The most happy” in a Royal & Religious coup that would reign down the centuries. This is non-fiction.

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