History Timeline

1907: Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (7) got a 7-year-old ‘Maid’ from Waterford in Country Waterford, southern Ireland – one of a twin. She acts as the Whipping-Boy and doubles up in photographs.

1923: The future George VI proposed to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon who then fled to France, replacing herself with her ‘Whipping-Boy Maid’ as stand-in.

The Future King George VI doesn’t seem to notice or mind, and marries Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid.

The false identity of King George VI’s wife rendered the marriage null and void, and all the children of it – illegitimate. This is the Bible story of Jacob re-enacted, as though it was Predictive Programming that had to be fulfilled. Elizabeth and Margaret are illegitimate.

1924: The future George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid have an Epileptic Son who is left to die on the hospital gurney.

George is then removed from the Royal Breeding Programme and replaced with a sperm donor. They use the illegitimate Royal, Winston Churchill, an illegitimate son of King Edward VII. University history lessons in England discuss this.

Winston Churchill then became the sperm donor for the artificial insemination of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Whipping-Boy Maid, resulting in Elizabeth II (b. 1926) and Princess Margaret (b. 1930) who are both illegitimate, both drink like Churchill’s children, and both have similar dysfunctional behaviour, like swinging, and children with different fathers, resulting in Prince Andrew ‘Herbert’ (b. 1960) the son of Lord Porchester and Prince Edward ‘Plunket’ (b. 1964) the son of Lord Plunket.

1925: During Elizabeth II’s gestation (Elizabeth Bowes-)Lyons Maid Ice Cream was created in Kensington, next to Mayfair, either side of Buckingham Palace.

1926, April: Birth of the Illegitimate non-Royal Elizabeth at No. 5 not No. 17 Bruton St … with the simultaneous launching of the BBC to Serve and Protect the new False Monarchy, and Project the illegitimate princess as Queen. This gives maximum control by extortion.

Stalin is simultaneously elevated to create Communism, which is watered down in the West as Socialism, which means absolutely No Values, and No Reality is to be expressed. Socialism = No Values.

Socialism’s No Values was the Royal’s antidote to the Holy Grael, who holds the values during the End times – New Age, Times of the End and Tribulations, and runs “the Shin” and once completed, can claim the Crown and Throne.

The Extortion of the now illegitimate British Royal family is taken up by Lord Louis Mountbatten, who then launches his penniless nephew, a prince of no nation, as husband of the illegitimate Elizabeth – so it is an equal match … but Philip has nothing to hide, and Elizabeth has everything to hide.

So Prince Philip has free reign, and the 2 June 1953 became the Coronation of Silent Weapons of Quiet Wars, as opposed to the Coronation of Elizabeth as Queen, hence it is only known as “Coronation Day”.

Elizabeth also sat over a fake Coronation Stone, and her acceptance speech backwards sounds: “Someone’s making it up”.

Elizabeth was born at No. 5 Bruton Street, but advertised as born at No. 17 Bruton St.

1920s: Coco Chanel lived 200 metres from 17 Bruton St. for 19 years with the Duke of Westminster, who owned 600 acres of Westminster and Mayfair, so they knew everything that was going on.

Coco Chanel created Chanel No.5 to confirm Elizabeth was born illegitimate in Mayfair above the Coach & Horses Pub at No.5 Bruton St., and not at No.17.

This was confirmed in the Coronation Year film ‘Roman Holiday’ (≈H. Royal Domain) when Princess Anne walked through a Coach & Horse, played by Audrey Hepburn, who then starred in ‘My Fair Lady’ meaning Mayfair Lady, confirming a reference to Elizabeth II.

1926, 15 November: The Second Balfour Declaration is designed to fulfil from Kether to Malkuth – the transfer of Sovereignty from the Monarch to the Chief Justice in every Commonwealth country as soon as the Government fails to govern in the eyes of the people – hence the reason of Governments plan continual self-destruction under the Guidelines of ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’. This is carried out on a council level by ‘Common Purpose’ a.k.a. common twats, who spend 100% of the money aiming for 15% of the result.

1927: The future George VI is married to a woman of false identity – being Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid – ‘the Whipping Boy’ … and has been removed from the Royal Breeding programme and therefore denied any children.

King George V sent his second-born, the future George VI ‘to New Zealand to marry the most sacred women there’, and sire s Son … later recognised as King George VII.

The resulting Kingi George VII outranked and superseded Elizabeth II. They met at the 1953 Christmas Dinner in Parliament in Wellington, and Elizabeth commented “He was as thick as my father”. This was then relayed back to out house in 1967.

George VII was George VI’s son … Elizabeth was not George VI’s daughter.

George VII superseded Elizabeth II on three counts – natural son of King George VI, male, son of a sacred woman, and met the Predicted One, arranged so the currency changed from British to New Zealand on the same day.

1953, 2 June: Coronation Day – This was Not Elizabeth’s Coronation, and is not called Elizabeth’s Coronation Day. It was the Coronation of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, and is only called the generic “Coronation Day”.

Click image to enlarge.1968–1998: Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon gets a ‘Maid’ from Waterford in Ireland. The other twins’ daughter likely becomes ‘Mrs Sanderson’, who doubles as Elizabeth II on the UK Coins.

Elizabeth II is not on the UK Coins or UK Notes … this is Mrs Sanderson.

This renders the superscript text on the coins more important than the profile image.

This text is in all caps (ALL CAPS) meaning it is in Ancient Latin, but words in the UK have to be legally read in English, so the UK Coins actually read “Elizabeth to Greg” … to be passed via “2D” objects, like a Letter, Coins, and Notes, Titles, and a Letter Opener … all being Royal objects Joseph Gregory Hallett has been given in accord with Royal ceremony, as took place in a notably Royal town, at a Royal location, at notably Royal times, from a noted Royal person, who initially owned the Royal objects, and wore the Knight of Bath jacket, and included the Sword of the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha in the ceremony.

The Coins of the United Kingdom spell “Elizabeth to Greg” over ‘11,011’ days, which spells “M0M”, which renders a Son.

This is confirmed with Big Ben (≈ Big Son) becoming Elizabeth Tower in 2012, the two joined in ‘The Mummy’ in 2017, confirmed by Westminster Palace and neighbouring Big Ben–Elizabeth Tower destroyed in ‘The Mummy’ in May–June 2017, and the real-life renovations delayed from March, and began on 21 August 2017, during the US Solar Eclipse.

This spelt out: ‘The Solar Eclipse of US by the Big Son Towering over Elizabeth’.

“M0M” is also spelt out five times in ‘Baby Driver’ in March & June 2017.

1970–80: The Heb Sed Festival is completed with skills acquired to improve history and make big law changes. “8/7” = Royal.

1970: The Holy Grael was briefly placed in our home, but downplayed as from the islands.

1973–1975: The Royal Style and Titles of Australia, New Zealand / Grenada and Papua New Guinea codified “Greg from New Zealand born 15 September” … this is your bar mitzvah from which you assume all religious obligations, like honorary leader of the Anglican religion and Church of England.

1980: With the Heb Sed Festival completed, it is noted by the Prieuré de Sion as “The Event” which nominated “the Ruler”, resulting in the fair play Prieuré de Sion instructing Elizabeth II to instruct Prince Charles to marry, and he choses the Lady Diana (Goldsmith-) Spenser for the biggest marital mismatch in the history of failed marriages.

Elizabeth II instructs Princess Diana not to breed with Prince Charles as he is Chuck the Royal Runt, as his peers confirmed later in 1996, in front of Diana. It was the divorce confirmation.

1981: Princess Diana knows who Joseph Gregory Hallett is, and conceived Prince William on JGH’s 20th birthday, with King Juan Carlos of Spain. This removed William as Prince of any Royal Lineage, and later forced King Juan Carlos to very publicly and repeatedly abdicate the Throne and Crown of Spain.

1981, 14 October: Elizabeth II has been instructed to abdicate to Joseph Gregory Hallett, but shows signs of backing out, so repeated gunshots are fired in her general direction from about 20 yards away.

1981, 16 October: With William 33 days gestated, Elizabeth II is forced to abdicate to Joseph Gregory Hallett, utilising the worst case of diarrhoea, such that her 1981 Royal Tour of New Zealand was put under a 25-year D-Notice.

Elizabeth II got within five yards of Joseph Gregory Hallett in a state, rendered the lowest point of her career, which is as it should have been – appropriate.

1982: Elizabeth II’s Public Sacrifice of her lesbian lover Grace Kelly was on Joseph Gregory Hallett’s 21st birthday. What a mess those two made.

This is recorded in the 14 July 2000 X-Men 2000 with “14 9 82” tattooed on Magneto’s forearm, where “X” marks the true King of England. So it is saying, The True King of England who is running the Shin, was born on 14 September 1961.

The execution of Grace Kelly was ordered by her former lesbian lover, Elizabeth II, as Prince Rainer, with the cognomen “Tax”, refused to lower his tax on “the Queen’s Heroin” – for which no one could be charged.

A fourth party was Grace Kelly’s lover, Jacques Cousteau, who Prince Rainier had bribed with a ship full of cameras to remove him off the scene.

1960–84: Birth of five (5) prominent Illegitimate Royals, plus another five on the side from Prince Charles that are barely known about, but include Simon Charles Day, whose mother was Camilla Parker Bowles.

1989: Fall of the Berlin Wall using tools learned in Heb Sed. The Fall of the Berlin Wall freed up the Duchy of Sachen-Coburg und Gotha to be appropriately reassigned.

1996, July: At a secret high-level meeting of Royalty in Marbella, Spain, Prince Regent Charles was confirmed as ‘the Royal Runt’ by his Peers, shamed and de-nominated – Prince Chuck. This meeting was then recorded in a Portuguese Freemason magazine, with Gregory Hallett also named.

2011, Christmas: Joseph Gregory Hallett names the true Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, and, H.R.H. of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. This is clearly illustrated for the first time, then accepted, affirmed and confirmed. This is traditionally the title of the second-born son.

2012, 29 February: Joseph Gregory Hallett receives the sword of the sword of the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, and is entrusted with it.

2012, 1 March: Joseph Gregory Hallett holds the sword of the sword of the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha up to Mouros Castle and is initiated into the House of David, as Moros is the root of Mulberry. The sword is returned as a sign of allegiance of the King.

2012, 1 March: Joseph Gregory Hallett is elevated by the Sword of the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha with many Style and Titles.

2012, April: Joseph Gregory Hallett published the Sword of the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, which is rare as the sword only surfaces every 40 years or so.

2012, May: Joseph Gregory Hallett is photographed in the Bank of England, in Bank, London for the Bank of England brochure.

2012, 2013 & 2014: Transfer of the Letters Patent Royal Prerogative Customary Title to the Throne and Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and All Ireland to Joseph Gregory Hallett – as per his Initiation into the House of David with the Sword of the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, confirming all previous affirmations as Holy Grael, and Heb Sed, being strong indications, that Joseph Gregory Hallett will be running “the Shin”, representing the End Times and New Age, Times of the End, and Tribulations.

This is all very religious, without the dogma, so spiritual, as per the 1974 Royal Style and Titles bar mitzvah and the 1970–80 Heb Sed, where “8/7” means ‘Royal’.

The House of Windsor would own the Sword of the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha if they were legitimate, but they have not been the legitimate Royal Family since 6 October 1869.

2013, 25 April: Joseph Gregory Hallett was Registered as a Member of the Star Family in the Holy See. In the Jesus and Mary lineage, there is the Star Family, the Deus Family, and the Desposyni.

2013: Six weeks later, the transfer of Jerusalem into the Holy See is advertised.

This was then affirmed by the transfer of the Capital of Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

2014, July–September: Joseph Gregory Hallett represents the End Times and New Age. Another co-represents the End Times. This is exact fulfilment of the Rosicrucian Cosmography, but not all of it.

2014, 16 August: At the exact changeover of the End Times into the New Age, Joseph Gregory Hallett published in Faro, the story of Queen Victoria’s firstborn son Prince Marcos Manoel becoming King John II of the United Kingdom in 1869.

This Tradition Received Prediction from this is: The Knights of Malta have been held prisoner in the Vatican since 1834 – the year Prince Marcos Manoel was born – and will be released when his story is published. The Vatican saw “released” as ‘publicly evicted’.

The Rosicrucian Cosmography prediction on this is that someone called Trump will become POTUS – President of the United States, while a Putin is in Power, and they drink from the same well controlled by Joseph Gregory Hallett, who pulls the levers inside the castle and is the posthumous scion of Sir Walter Raleigh (Great x10 grandson) who discovered the Book of Predictions and had the Rosicrucian Cosmography made to continue his life so he could sire and breed himself into the Holy Grael lineage, having been the designated King of North America.

This Tradition Received and Rosicrucian Cosmography prediction resulted in the very public and totally misunderstood expulsion of the Order of Malta out of the Vatican, resulting in their release, allowing Donald John Trump to become President, over a wannabe, who, at the last minute, claimed to be a descendant of European Royalty.

The fulfilment of this prediction is confirmed in the Rosicrucian Cosmography, giving two images of Joseph Gregory Hallett and one or two of Donald Trump, but naming both twice.

The Rosicrucian Cosmography is a condensed version of Jesus / Joshua / John’s first century Book of Predictions, which are sublime, accurate and influential.

News of the Knights of Malta eviction and expulsion out of the Vatican hit the media between Trump’s Election and Swearing In … and no one in the media or alternative media knew what it was about – except Joseph Gregory Hallett, who keeps quiet for years.

2015: Notaries in the UK signed Joseph Gregory Hallett’s Affidavits, then later refused.

2015: Two Judges took the £10,000 fee then refused to hear Joseph Gregory Hallett’s claim to the High Court Queen’s Bench to be acknowledged as the Prince Pretender. The bias by both judges in the process of law led to passive acquiescence to Joseph Gregory Hallett as Prince Pretender.

2017: The Bible Revelation’s Times of the End were fulfilled by Tropical Storm Greg, Hurricane Jose, and Zeus’ Thunderbolt striking Joseph Gregory Hallett’s profile Oak Tree, removing exactly a third of it – sublimation for the lives of a third of 222,222,222 people, fulfilling the Bible’s prophecy right down to the details of incense, hail, rainbow, emerald like a sea of glass, and a Christ-like figure with a high girdle.

The Oak Tree is exactly 777 metres from where Joseph Gregory Hallett sits and writes. “777” means “the Shin”, the End Times, and, according to the Bible, the fulfilment of the Father by the Son. i.e. God’s work is done … with the last of the predictions fulfilled in September 2017.

The Bible’s ‘Walking on Water’ was then fulfilled and opened on Joseph Gregory Hallett’s birthday, 13 days before and 13 days after, codifying “John”, and the Diss Stele predicted the day on Joseph Gregory Hallett arrived in Diss to within six days. The Stele was installed fifteen (15) years earlier in July 2000.