Coronation Year 1953: Roman Holiday is an anagram of ‘H. Royal Domain’ and illustrates someone called Joe Gregory Hallett to be born in 1961 wears the Crown.

Hallett is codified as Wallet, Gelato, Bigliett(eria), etc, and the large Baritone Ukulele is homophonous with UK King Laddie. Three times it confirms ‘2017 is the year it will happen’.

Prince Philip affirms Roman Holiday and the transfer of ‘Her Royal Domain’ to ‘His Royal Domain’ by walking on the set in front of the Pantheon with a Navy Admiral as Notary confirming: ‘The codes of Roman Holiday are Notably Noticed and Notarised by the Navy.

Elizabeth II was born illegitimate in Mayfair above the ‘Coach & Horses’ pub at No.5 Bruton St., hence Chanel No.5. Audrey Hepburn as Princess Anne confirmed this in Roman Holiday by walking through a ‘Coach & Horse’. 11 years later, Audrey Hepburn starred in ‘My Fair Lady’ meaning ‘Mayfair Lady’. All of this codifies … which history bears out …

‘Elizabeth II was born above the Coach & Horses pub at No.5 Bruton St. in Mayfair.’

1959−62: Quick Draw McGraw cartoon was also known as ‘Pepe Legal’ meaning ‘Joseph Legal’. It has the byline “I’ll show yer”, and completes its opening sequence with a chest full of Royal Marks, the same as Queen Victoria presented in 1850 to affirm her firstborn and only legitimate child, Prince Marcos Manoel, was to become King John II of the United Kingdom, as he did in 1869.

One of the cartoon sketches reads “DISS INSIDE … CLUES CLOSET”, predicting Joseph Gregory Hallett would live “INSIDE DISS” for “Joseph to be Legal”, and “Diss was the Clues Closet”.

Diss then produced the clues for the Times of the End, Walking on Water, His name is John, a scion of the House of David. 15 years ahead the Diss Stele predicted the arrival of Joseph Gregory Hallett to Diss within six days.

Diss also fulfilled the Bible predictions about the Father’s name “Des” being “in the foreheads” of Diss folk, as well as the 144,000 finally solved – twice – as the wind-speed of Category 1 Hurricane Jose, which was shut off on Joseph Hallett’s birthday, and the speed of the Halley’s Comet Orionid Meteors, as “stars fall from the sky”.

1961: La Notte (The Night / The Knight) gives the birthdate and heritage of Joseph Gregory Hallett, as well as fulfilling the Bible passage “is pure” = Pius = Pious = Pera, and predicts Grace Kelly’s sacrifice, the moment Joseph Gregory Hallett turned 21, as later confirmed by X-Men 2000 with Magneto’s forearm tatooed with the sacrifice 21 date of “14 9 82”.

1964: My Fair Lady confirmed ‘Mayfair Lady’, where Elizabeth was born at ‘Chanel No.5’ Bruton St (for women) and ‘Brut 33’ for men … hence “Get your Brut on”.

“33” marks Illuminati knowledge, and is a sideways “MM” which is Masonry’s highest order, and the initials of Prince Marcos Manoel, who became King john II of the UK, and rendered Elizabeth II entirely illegitimate.

1975: Monty Python and the Holy Grail literally spells out: “Gregory Hallett Holy Grael, Give him Holy Grael, 777”. This translates as ‘Gregory Hallett will represent the End Times and New Age and Times of the End, and the Shin’ … just as it happened.

1979: Monty Python’s Life of Brian states “Greg – the Chosen One”, asking the audience to watch the 1961 ‘La Notte’ for details.

2000–16: X-Men, where “X” Marks the True King of England is registered as one of the most successful movie series.

2013: The Wolverine represents Anubis, the primal male deity of Egypt. Anubis was the main taskmaster of the Heb Sed Festival and used to select, test and confirm the True Ruler, or King, or Pharaoh.

2017: Logan (February & March) changed his name at the end of the move to Joey Howlett. At the end of Logan, Logan a.k.a. James Howlett was renamed Joey Howlett, meaning Joseph Howlett, which is very close to Joseph Hallett.

At the same time as ‘Logan’ was being filmed, the UK Crown, via a former British SAS who briefed JGH in his home, then via the National Health Service (NHS), changed Joseph Hallett’s name to Howllet.

When you consider the timing, and all that is involved, this shows complicity of the Crown.

2017: Baby Driver (March & June) spells out “M0M” five times, indicating someone, a boy, has been driving the Royal Family since they were a Baby. e.g. since a 6-year-old, as registered in the coins of the United Kingdom … where the female face is not Elizabeth, but Mrs Sanderson.

2017: The Mummy (May & June) verbally states Joseph Hallett is the Chosen Heir, including some footage taken in Diss with a very professional large movie film camera of Joseph Gregory Hallett angry at the guerrilla filming, then CGI as dust emerging out of Big Ben, which had quietly been re-named Elizabeth Tower on New Zealand Day 2012. Big Ben means Big Son. Its renovation began on the solar eclipse of US =

… the Solar Eclipse of US by the Big Son Towering over Elizabeth.